Beyond the Darkness – Recital 2020

The annual vocal music recital planned for this year at a beautiful facility in Richardson did not materialize, not unlike many other events around the city, the country and the world. Our heartfelt wishes for those who have suffered or are suffering due to CoVID-19.

Music lights up life even in tough times like COVID-19

Students had been working hard for this annual challenge. To give them a positive experience this year we performed the recital online without the benefit of previous experience in hosting such a musical event.

Unlike previous years, the students could not perform in groups due to limitations of technology. Each student needed to perform individually. This meant redesigning the recital to fit within the available 2 hours. Solo performances had to be limited in time yet sufficiently long so that advanced students could demonstrate their skills.

Secondly, students could not be supported on harmonium, tanpura or tabla from a distance. Each student, including the youngest ones, learned to manage the accompanying electronic apps/instruments, microphone on their own.

Sequencing the solo performances required some additional thought to ensure that the program did not feel static.

Technology was the largest challenge. It required collaboration with students and their parents to pre-set the A/V systems on Zoom and the computer to enable audible and enjoyable presentations. It also needed determining optimum positions for the singer, the PC microphones and the tanpura app prior to the recital. And, finally it needed some learning on how to manage the recital on zoom in real time.

With Devi Saraswati’s blessings the program went smoothly and enjoyably! We have now completed 18yrs teaching Hindustani Vocal Music to children and adults in Dallas Fort Worth area.