Successful Swar-Utsav 2013 – A Swarlahari Presentation, with ICHF Dallas.

Swarlahari students captivated the audience at Swar-Utsav 2013 on Sun Apr 21, 2013 at the Garland Plaza theater!

Jointly presented by ICHF and Swarlahari, the Swar-Utsav recital ran just as planned for about 2hrs, and was well received by an audience of about 150. It was ably MC’d by Karishma ji of Radio Karishma. We were fortunate to have as special guests – Revathy ji and Dr Kulkarni ji, who spoke eloquently on the occasion and distributed the awards to the students. Kushal Patel, an 8th gr student of Tabla accompanied his sister’s solo vocal performance and Mr Atul Joshi lent his support on the tabla to several other groups and soloists. Script for the event that was prepared by Mukul and Karishma ji, illuminated the important milestones in the history of Hindustani Classical Music starting in the ancient times, going through the middle ages into the modern times. Students in special color coordinated costumes added a touch of color to the Utsav.

Parent volunteers arranged pizza for the participant families, and Swarlahari treated the outside guests to Pizza. SewaDFW team of volunteers invited all attendees for complimentary snacks and tea. One of our family members brought special chai and badaam milk for all. That was a really pleasant surprise for all. The post-recital atmosphere was warm and friendly and lingered on till we needed to clear off the space. Fortunately, the sound system performed flawlessly. Thankful to a whole lot of people who worked hard behind the scenes, and to God for the outcome.