Sammohan 2019 – A Baithak Style Recital

This was a new experiment. Students would present their annual recital in a cosy baithak format. It would be named Sammohan for the effect that it would generate in an intimate setting. Recital would be conducted in three segments – Morning, Afternoon and Evening – over one Saturday in May.

This group is ready to Begin the Afternoon Session

It was a special day. The students sang and the families appreciated. It was pure joy, mesmerizing, true to the title – Sammohan.

The smaller setting allowed the recital to be more personal, intimate and informal. It allowed us to dwell for a bit on the very creditable challenge that the children have taken in learning Hindustani Shastreeya Sangeet.

My prayers that Ma Saraswati may bless all the children and their families with the only thing that matters – perpetual joy. Music has the power to lead us there. Make it an integral part of your lives. Breakout in a song at the drop of a hat, whether it is a birthday party, picnic, a joy ride, a pooja, a long stressful day.  Connect with your children through this medium.