Sing For Sewa

Covid-19 has left a lot of people wondering how in this environment of restricted movements and social interactions could they help those who are facing stronger needs than ever before.

Swarlahari families use their musical passion to Sing for Sewa on Sunday, Aug , 2020. This online concert – “Mil Jul Gaayein” – features students and their families presenting a prepared piece of their choice. In addition to raise funds, this event helps the children learns human values that can guide them for a lifetime into community service.

Sewa International is a 501c3 organization active in DFW and other US cities, helping people affected by crises, including CoVID-19. We will donate the proceeds to this outstanding group of dedicated and selfless volunteers.

Pledge a small contribution by clicking on the link. The contribution amounts start at $10. We will reach out to you to collect the funds. Hope you decide to support.