Hindustani Vocal Music – 20 Yrs of Teaching in DFW

Teaching Hindustani Vocal Music for the past 20+years has been exciting!! We are proud to have taught scores of students Indian classical singing since 2002. When we started 20+yrs ago, community had little interest in enrolling their children for Hindustani vocal music lessons.

Interest has since grown. Indian classical music has earned respect amongst parents as a worthwhile discipline for children to pursue. Parents have begun to recognize its value as credentials for college admissions. Western musicians value Indian music training for their own development. Children have ample opportunities to perform in various community events. And to boost their learning, we host our own annual recitals. These provide a reason to practice their art, and a platform to share their talent.

The video below gives a glimpse of various recitals students have presented over the years. Enjoy.

Explore key events from the past in more detail.

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