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Class Offerings

Swarlahari provides small group classes and individual classes. Our music classes are tailored to meet the needs of our students. Call us or fill out the form below to schedule a demo class

We are encourage students to make music a part of their lives by sharing their skills at community events and charity shows in Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Our students have participated in a variety of events:

  • ArtStage – an annual gathering of local artists in DFW organized by the Indian Classical Music Circle (ICMC)

  • Radio shows

  • International Hindi Association Kavi Sammelan

  • Local temples such as Radha-Krishna Temple, Shri Ram Mandir and Ganesh Temple

  • Music competitions, where they have won several awards

  • We have raised funds for Sewa International, Divine Spark International, and Vibha charities through participation and sponsorship

  • We produced a live, public interest program called “Ripples Through Time” a history of Indian Music at the David Library in Plano in 2014 involving some of our students.


Each year, the students present a Hindustani music recital for their families and friends in a theater setting.

  • In 2020 our recital – “Andhere Ke Us Paar” –  went online for the first time in response to the Corona pandemic

  • In 2019, we presented a baithak-style recital – “Sammohan”, which made for a more intimate setting

  • In 2018 we were at the Garland Plaza Theater for “Raga Rang Chaayo”

For some years the plaza theater has been the location of choice. We have also performed at the Plano Courtyard Theater.  This is one event the entire student community enjoys working for.


Several students choose to pursue Hindustani classical music certification, which signifies a serious pursuit of an extracurricular activity, and may help in college admissions. This track requires dedication and discipline both for the students and the parents. 


Our students have been selected to school and district choirs, and have performed in professional Karaoke presentations.

These activities are one way of building music into the lives of the students.


We are located 5-7 mins east of Renner Rd and 190 George Bush intersection.  It is close to major shopping areas, including an Indian grocery store, Sprouts, Walmart, Lowes and the Firewheel mall.

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